Swiss Exclusive Ape Club - Official Countdown

Who we are

The Swiss Exclusive Ape Club is a collection of 20 unique, hand-made Swiss apes with a variation of elements inspired by the iconic Swiss culture, set on the Ethereum blockchain. A Swiss ape, doubles as an exclusive membership to the club, where unique experiences await you. Each element of the ape is hand drawn and well-thought through. Stay tuned to see what the future beholds!

The Team

The Swiss Exclusive Ape Club, based in Zurich, consists of two passionate and creative friends, who strongly believe in the potential of cryptographic assets, and aim to bring Swiss elegance into the industry.

Swiss Exclusive Ape Club: The Collection

Our Vision

Here you can see the vision of the Swiss Exclusive Ape Club.

We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are diligently working on, with the focus on putting them into reality.


Phase 1

The Swiss Exclusive Ape Club team strongly sets the focus in phase one of the project, to establishing a fundamental basis, that the entire project is built upon.

Starting from planning the project, such as the design of the exclusive NFT’s and the logistics of the project, to effectively putting them in reality. The whole team prioritizes the quality of our product, over the maximization of the production, so that every little detail gets meticulous attention.


Phase 2

The Swiss Exclusive Ape Club launches its products to the public market, specifically on OpenSea. The team advertises the NFT’s on diverse social media platforms, such as Twitter, Linked-in etc.

Exclusive collaborations will be arranged for the benefit of the members of the club. These one-in-a-lifetime collaborations will not only enable immeasurable opportunities for the members of the club, but also, in some cases, double as assets giving extra value to the art piece.


Phase 3

The main objective of the Swiss Exclusive Ape Club in this phase will be to put all the event planning for the members of the club in to reality, and ensuring an experience that will not be forgotten.
If in the situation, demand is present in the future, a separate NFT collection will be launched representing the few gold mines, that make Switzerland what it is best known for: it’s economic stability.


Phase 4, 5, and 6 - “Ape’s ain't no future tellers.”

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